One Point of Contact for All Therapies

mediEND has a big team of experts from each branch of medicine and therapy under one roof. This makes it possible for all experts to assess you and plan the treatment in a coordinated manner to help you heal.

Save up to 99% of Time

Since all experts are available under one roof, you will not have to waste your time in finding the right doctors for each therapy. A combined treatment approach will ensure that your treatment time is reduced.

Save up to 99% of Money

As mediEND has experienced doctors available and helps you connect with them remotely (online appointments), you will save on travel expenses. Continued support through Whatsapp will also help you reach out to doctors from far away.

Unique mediEND Synergy Techniques for Diagnosis

account all factors and carries out a detailed diagnosis to ensure that the causes of all your troubles can be analyzed thoroughly. This helps treat the disease in a holistic manner and reduces possibility of relapsing.

Unique mediEND Synergy Techniques for Treatment

mediEND Synergy Technique is a holistic approach that combines different therapies to resolve your health problems. A group of doctors, experts in their respective fields, will provide a treatment plan that is tailor-made to suit you.

Holistic Treatment

Comprehensive approach to treating autism and digestive disorders, which includes multi-pathy, gut renovation, a four-stage diagnosis, and gut-brain automation. It is clear that such an approach has the potential to effectively treat both conditions, and has the added benefit of improved overall health.

Given the potential benefits of such treatments, we invite you to try out mediEND's holistic approach. With our multi-pathy approach, gut renovation, four-stage diagnosis, and gut-brain automation, we are confident that we can help you achieve excellent results in treating autism and digestive disorders. We are dedicated to helping each individual find the best course of treatment and achieve their desired outcome. Try mediEND today and experience the benefits of a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Multi-Pathy Approach

4 Stage Diagnosis

4 S Gut Renovation

4 Step Nutrition Management

4 Stage Brain Conditioning

Gut - Brain Automation

mediEND Pro Support System

Time Sequenced Holistic & Tailor-made Management

Our Programs


Parents, Welcome To Our Educational Workshop On Speech Developmental Disability.

Learn about the causes behind Autism, ADHD and other developmental disorders and how to treat them according to our cutting-edge innovative research.

View Here..


The Migraine Solution Workshop

The last stop on your journey to find a solution for all your migraine related problems. Know all about the different types of migraine, the underlying causes, effects on your life and discover your potential to be free of migraine.

View Here..

Digestive Disorder

Workshop On mediEND’s Holistic Solutions To All Your Digestive Disorders!

Improve your understanding about GERD, Gastritis, Acidity, IBS & other Digestive Disorders and how mediEND can help you treat them according to our innovative solutions backed by latest scientific research!

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The mediEND Journey

4 Steps Process

Book A Slot For Webinar

Discuss your health concerns with health experts to get guidance on next steps

Step 1

Attend Webinar

Start your treatment journey by enrolling into Root Cause Consultation

Step 2

Get Health Package

Online videos consult by doctors to analyze your 100+ biomarkers

Step 3


With help from diet coach, implement diet & supplements.

Step 4

mediEND - “The end of your disease”

We utilize a curative approach to healthcare by addressing the root cause of disorders and treating them instead of just focusing the short-term symptoms. Our healthcare professionals soothe your immune system and make it stronger thus helping your body defend and heal itself.

Time to Listen Time to Feel. Time to Heal.

MediEND's healthcare expert team employs a unique integrated perspective in its approach to each individual’s conditions. We specialize in managing your conditions holistic ways to improve your health.

Let us help you listen to your body, take the time for self-care, and adopt lifestyle changes to heal naturally.

Our Experts

Dr. Vivek

Head of the Department

Dr Megha Jain

Head of the Department

Dr. Ritika Sharma

Head of the Department

Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad

Head of the Department

Siddarth Goel

Functional Medicine

Dr. Visalam Ramanathan

Functional Medicine

Sajid Husain

Head of the Department

Manshi Arora

Head of the Department

Raunak Raza

Head of the Department

Saif Ansari

Head of the Department
(RCA Team)

Mayank Kumar

Head of the Department
(Health Manager)

Aman Kumar

Head of the Department (Indian Vedic Therapy)

Yogesh Verma

Head of the Department (NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Shahid Ali

Head of the Department (Multiple scientific Therapy)

mediEND Synergy Technique

Aggregator of Multiple Therapy

Most Experienced & Qualified Team

10,000+ Recoveries

Why your Medication Is Not Working?

There are many reasons why your medication may not be working. One reason may be that your doctor is not following the root cause analysis. The root cause analysis is a process of examining the underlying causes of a problem or condition. By identifying the root cause, doctors can develop a more effective treatment plan. If your doctor is not following the root cause analysis, it is likely that your medication will not be effective. Another reason why your medication may not be working is that you may not be taking it as prescribed. It is important to take your medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor. If you miss doses or take too much of your medication, it will not work as intended. Finally, your body may simply not respond to the medication. This is often the case with chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes. If you have a chronic condition, it is important to talk to your doctor about other treatment options that may be more effective for you.

Our Feedback Videos

Sucess Stories

“Strength to embrace my son and life again”

“We feel like we can finally live a normal life!” I can honestly say my son’s autism related symptoms have reduced tenfold since we started treatment... We feel like we can finally live a normal life!”

Vanamala Ramesh

“Gives me so much hope for the future”

For the past four months and many years I have had severe digestive disorders. Finally in this program, the doctors looked at me from a “whole body” point of view. MediEND gives me so much hope for the future.

Reena Singh

“I am thoroughly amazed, relieved and appreciative”

I am thoroughly amazed, relieved and appreciative of the expertise, care, focus and results that were provided to me.

Raj Bansal

“We feel like we can finally live a normal life!”

I can honestly say my son’s autism related symptoms have reduced tenfold since we started treatment... We feel like we can finally live a normal life!.

Jyoti Tyagi

Get Tremendous support

Everyone I have come in contact with Mediend (Doctors, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Yoga experts & Health managers etc.) has been outstanding. I was treated with the utmost respect and kind hospitality that I haven't felt anywhere else that I've been. The Health Managers offered more than their knowledge and expertise....They offered themselves.

Bharat Singh

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