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Story about our virtual hospital

mediEND - “The end of your disease”

We utilize a curative approach to healthcare by addressing the root cause of disorders and treating them instead of just focusing the short-term symptoms.

Our healthcare professionals soothe your immune system and make it stronger thus helping your body defend and heal itself.

Time to Listen   Time to Feel.   Time to Heal.

MediEND's healthcare expert team employs a unique integrated perspective in its approach to each individual’s conditions. We specialize in managing your conditions holistic ways to improve your health.

Let us help you listen to your body, take the time for self-care, and adopt lifestyle changes to heal naturally.

Our Doctor's

  • Dr. Vivek

    Head of the Department (Allopath)

    Dr. Vivek is renowned for his work as a Child Development who specialises in developmental and behavioural disorders. His work in government hospitals all across the country has provided and innovated cutting-edge treatments for 18 years, and recover 5000+ patients. He is the assistant professor for paediatrics and has received special training from the British Bayley Developmental Assessment Scales in dealing with autism spectrum disorder and early child development.

    Being the State Coordinator of the IAP Chapter on Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics, he has several published papers and industry leading cutting edge research programs to his name. He has also helped design and adapt mediEND’s unique synergy technique for his younger patients. Having used mediEND’s special diagnostics, he has helped many younger patients determine and treat their symptoms while the patients themselves were unable to point out their troubles.

  • Dr Megha Jain

    Head of the Department (Homeopath)

    Dr. Megha Jain heads the Homoeopathic Department at mediEND. Through her career spanning 14 years of professional experience in the medical field, she has provided her valuable expertise in multiple hospitals in cities all across the country. Throughout her career, she has helped more than 10000 patients recover and drastically improve their quality of life with the help of mediEND's unique synergy technique. The most significant part of her treatment utilises mediEND's special diagnosis technique in order to determine root causes and take the ideal approach to each unique symptom.

  • Dr. Ritika Sharma

    Head of the Department (Ayurveda)

    Dr. Ritika Sharma presents a modern and scientific face of mediEND’s alternative medicine approach. Her experienced practice of the millenia- old Indian medicinal systems combined with her MD in Alternative Medicine has earned her the title of a leading Alternative Medicinal physician and a renowned specialist. Her work with mediEND’s unique synergy technique has been revolutionary in the Alternative Medicine field with 20000+ of satisfied patients who had no idea what was wrong with them but have ended up improving their quality of life by determining their symptoms with the help of mediEND’s precise diagnostics.

  • Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad

    Head of the Department (Unani)

    Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad heads the Unani department at mediEND with extensive research and work experience in multiple cities all across the country has lent his knowledge towards improving the quality of life of his patients for over 15 years. His work combining the subtle science of Unani medicine with mediEND’s unique synergy technique has helped him treat over 15000 patients with desired and optimal results, a feat that he has achieved by using mediEND’s thorough and accurate diagnostic techniques to determine a distinctively special holistic approach to each and every one of his patients.

  • Siddarth Goel

    Functional Medicine Expert

    Siddarth is a recognized name in the field of Functional Medicine in India. He is amongst the first few to be Certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach from FMCA, and SAFM, USA. He specializes in helping people suffering from various chronic health conditions including Metabolic Syndrome which results in diseases like PCOS, Autism, diabetes, obesity, migraines, low energy, mood swings, allergies, arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, etc.

  • Sajid Husain

    Head of the Department (Yoga)

    Sajid Hussain is an inspiring and engaging Yoga Expert of mediEND with extensive training in asana, pranayama, and meditation who enjoys working with people of all ages. He is certified as Yoda Expert. He takes pleasure in motivating others to take charge of their health and make positive, lasting changes.

    He gives in-depth understanding of the breathing techniques, provides patients and students with excellent knowledge about human anatomy, and impact of asanas on the human body. Sajid talks about reducing the dependence on medicines and emphasizing on self-care.

  • Manshi Arora

    Head of the Department (Dietitian)

    Manshi is a key member of our healthcare team. She complete her Bachelor and Master’s degree in foods and nutrition. As a committed dietitian at mediEND, Manshi evaluates, diagnoses, and treats nutritional disorders; she also educates the public on the relationship between diet and health.

    To help individuals in making appropriate decisions about their nutrition and lifestyle, she translates the latest findings from scientific and public health research into useful recommendations.

    She also undertakes nutritional assessments of patients with a range of complex medical conditions.

    Manshi works with the patient and multidisciplinary team (including other healthcare professionals) to ensure patient-centred care is provided and advises hospital catering departments about any specific patient dietary requirements.

  • Raunak Raza

    Head of the Department (Nutritionist)

    Raunak is an expert in the study of Food and Nutrition.

    She complete her Master’s degree in foods and nutrition. She has the ability to effectively communicate with others about their health, body, nutrition levels and requirements. She has the capability of easily convincing and making changes in the food habits of people.

    She emphasizes on controlling one's weight, which is a great roadblock to leading healthy and happy lives.

    Raunak possesses a firm grasp of anatomy and physiology, has competent abilities as a coach and sensitization to allergies, thus successfully guiding patients to be disease-free through a functional approach.

  • Saif Ansari

    Head of the Department (RCA Team)

    The goal of root cause analysis (RCA) is to go down to the bottom of a problem by figuring out what went wrong in the first place.

    Mr. Saif Ansari is a RCA expert in finding and implementing solutions to people’s problems with many years of experience. He has the capability to identify the root cause of a person’s problem and find out its lasting solution. He also sees that the problem does not recur again.

    He Identifies patterns in occurrences and provides suggestions for enhancing service reliability.

  • Mayank Kumar

    Head of the Department (Health Manager)

    Mr. Mayank is a committed health manager and has been accountable for all aspects of mediEND’s patients health management.

    He has been looking into the clinical activities, collaborating with other medical professionals, providing advice to patients, and overseeing staff.

    He collects and analyses information for use in project and system management.

    In a nutshell, Mayank works towards ensuring quality and value for money for patients, and enhancing the overall functionality of the mediEND organization.

  • Aman Kumar

    Head of the Department (Indian Vedic Therapy)

    Mr. Aman Kumar has may years of experience in counselling in the realms of Vedic Remedial Measures.

    He is certified in Kundali and Palmistry specialist He has, over many years, managed to alter the course of many lives and businesses around the world, for the better. Health wise and financially too!

    Aman has been advising business professionals and individuals, integrating his knowledge of various Indian Vedic Therapies to provide cutting- edge Vedic, architectural and behavioural corrective solutions that have proven remarkably successful, not only at mediEND but also across the globe.

  • Yogesh Verma

    Head of the Department (NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

    Using the individual's own thoughts, language, and behavioural patterns as data, he analyses the person as a whole and helps him make positive changes.

    He uses this behavioural technology to help patients overcome the obstacles they erect in their minds, and leading positive, healthy lives. Many mediEND patients have been cured and their lives changed successfully for the better.

  • Shahid Ali

    Head of the Department (Multiple scientific Therapy)

    Mr. Shahid Ali is an experienced and successful multiple scientific therapist at mediEND who uses a combination of approaches when working with his patients to cure a single disease.

    Though he specializes in one primary model of therapy, he earned his Fully Accredited Professional Numerology Course, he has additional expertise in one or more subsidiary models.

    He uses only pharmaceutical methods, but some non-medical methods, like the combination of drugs and talk therapy, may also be used by him to treat the patients.

  • Dr. Visalam Ramanathan

    Functional Medicine Expert

    Dr. Visalam Ramanathan done Functional Medicine from Institution of Functional Medicine, USA. And she is also complete her MBBS and MD. She specializes in helping people suffering from various chronic health. Dr Visalam has been offering her services in India since 2012 and has been able to transform numerous lives.

    From dealing with all sorts of lifestyle disorders to manage every spectrum of chronic diseases (diagnosed or undiagnosed), the success rate speaks volumes about the holistic approach devised by mediEND.