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Learn about the causes behind Autism, ADHD and other developmental disorders and how to treat them according to our cutting-edge innovative research.

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Meet Your Host And Coach

Dr. Vivek

Dr. Vivek is renowned for his work as a Child Development who specialises in developmental and behavioural disorders. His work in government hospitals all across the country has provided and innovated cutting-edge treatments for 18 years, and recover 5000+ patients. He is the assistant professor for paediatrics and has received special training from the British Bayley Developmental Assessment Scales in dealing with autism spectrum disorder and early child development.

Being the State Coordinator of the IAP Chapter on Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics, he has several published papers and industry leading cutting edge research programs to his name. He has also helped design and adapt mediEND’s unique synergy technique for his younger patients. Having used mediEND’s special diagnostics, he has helped many younger patients determine and treat their symptoms while the patients themselves were unable to point out their troubles.

What Challenges Are You Facing As A Parent?

I don’t have guidance on dietary factors affecting developmental disorders

I need to learn more about diagnostic tests involved in the root cause analysis.

I need to be a part of a parental community for autism to gain better insight.

I need to understand the root cause.

I need expert guidance.

I’m busy and am unable to take my child to centers physically.

My child’s progress is stalling.

I need to learn more about dietary solutions.

I am tired of false claims and want to try treatment proven by science and research.

I want to be hopeful even though my child’s problems have grown with their age.

Benefits Of The Program

Have conventional treatments not worked for your child? Our program is designed to help children that have not shown improvement with conventional treatment and teach parents how to better manage with this disorder.

Improving health and healing with diet

Focus on parental education

Learn about internal healing therapy

Implement our therapies wherever you are

Whom Is This Workshop For

This Workshop Is Mainly For:

“People looking for improvement in developmental disorders”

Root causes of development disorders can be easily identified and treated to improve a child’s quality of life.

“Confused parents who want to learn more about their child’s diagnosis”

You have learnt about your child’s autism diagnosis but are not sure what it means or what to expect in the long run.

“Parents who want to help their child lead an independent life”

This workshop is designed to teach you how to help your child lead an independent and healthy life despite of their developmental issues.

 “Children that have shown little or no progress with conventional treatments”

Research has shown that occupational and other conventional therapies may not have the expected improvement rate in cases of autism. This program teaches you how to help your child with our innovative therapies.

 “Children that have speech issues”

Your child is having trouble developing their speech and language skills regardless of speech therapy.

 “Parents who are busy”

You want to learn more to help your child despite your career and jobs always keeping you busy.

Some Success Stories

First of all thank you to the whole team at mediEND, you actually justify your name. Frankly speaking, on hearing that my son is diagnosed with ASD, i was totally heartbroken and accepting the same was not an easy task. But now my child is improving day-by-day due to your team’s good effort and hard work.

Dharmendra Kumar

We are very happy to be a part of mediEND. After our discussion and sessions with mediEND we were confident enough that mediEND will be with us to nurture our daughter’s growth and curiosity for learning. Perfect coordination between therapist and parents, who understand the situations. The online sessions are seamless and very engaging.

Anju Rathore

I was really upset when I found out that my 3 and half-year-old son had autism. I almost went into depression but then a friend suggested mediEND. I saw a positive change in 6 months. I am thankful to mediEND’s team for all that they have done.

Navneet Singh

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