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Difference between
Migraine & normal headache

There are many different types of migraine but they can be often confused with a normal headache, here are the symptoms that will help you distinguish between a normal headache and a migraine.


Doctor's   Profiles

Dr. Megha Jain is a General Physician. She has numerous national and international presentations on healthcare to her credit and has done multiple audits on clinical practice guidelines.

Dr. Megha Jain

Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad is a consultant physician. He has a vast experience in treating all kinds of disorders and diseases. He is very active as a speaker at numerous CME programs, medical conferences, symposia and scientific meetings of the medical community. He is also involved in several clinical trials and research studies.

Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad

Dr. Ritika Sharma is a physician in reputed clinics located in specialty hospitals. He is an experienced specialist and provides innovative treatment for various complications related to conventional treatments.

Dr. Ritika Sharma

Dr. Vivek is well known in the medical community for the service he has rendered for spreading awareness on various disorders. He has abundant experience in treating ailments in patients through varied age groups. He has been associated with AHS. He has more than 16 years of experience in migraine care and has treated over 35,000 patients in his long career.

Dr. Vivek

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