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Story about our virtual hospital

mediEND - “The end of your disease”

We utilize a curative approach to healthcare by addressing the root cause of disorders and treating them instead of just focusing the short-term symptoms.

Our healthcare professionals soothe your immune system and make it stronger thus helping your body defend and heal itself.

Time to Listen   Time to Feel.   Time to Heal.

MediEND's healthcare expert team employs a unique integrated perspective in its approach to each individual’s conditions. We specialize in managing your conditions holistic ways to improve your health.

Let us help you listen to your body, take the time for self-care, and adopt lifestyle changes to heal naturally.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to help each patient live their best lives with optimal physical, nutritional, mental, and spiritual health, using the power of holistic and integrative methods instead of medications.

  • Our Vision

    We envision a thriving community empowered to address their health concerns using natural lifestyle therapies without a dependency on drugs.

  • Our Objective

    Our objective is to provide top-notch services ensuring the success of our client. We can achieve this by sticking up to our companies values and consistent hard work.

Chief Executive Officer

  • Amit Prakash Jain

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Renowned in the fields of International Business and Advisory, Mr. Amit Prakash now aims at providing healthcare through the multiple therapies at mediEND. Being All-India Topper in Port Development and Management, he was awarded the gold medal by the Ministry of Railways. With over 15+ years of experience in the senior profile for multinational companies.

Management Team

  • Dr. Vivek Gupta

    Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

    Dr. Vivek Gupta (MBBS, MD, PGDDN) Having worked in corporate hospitals and with healthcare innovations, Dr. Vivek believes that all of us are entitled to live a healthy and fulfilled Life, and we all have the necessary resources to do so. That is why his mission is to employ the efficacy of Allopath to eradicate the causes of chronic illnesses.

  • Ms. Nisha Jain

    Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

    We take pride in the way we support our clients, and Nisha is responsible for this with her never ending flow of energy. Hence, Ms Nisha’s mission at mediEND is to help medical equipment manufacturers catch up with the growing demand in the healthcare organisation and ensure that people have access to the tools necessary to provide safe, effective medical care.

  • Ms. Rakhi

    Chief Grievance Officer (CGO)

    She ensures that any complaints or grievances the public and patients have in aspect of mediEND’s operations, would be given careful consideration upon receipt.

    She also engages herself in determining where enhancements might be made to existing health care services.

  • Mr. Himanshu Kumar

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    Mr. Himanshu has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence & Computational Linguistics, and is the brain behind all our technology and products. He has the vision for enhancing healthcare that prioritises patients with chronic conditions. With his help, mediEND has been transformed from an idea to a functioning business that now serves thousands of people.

  • Mr. Adeeshwar Prakash

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    Mr. Adeeshwar Prakash Heads the Financial Planner at mediEND and his aims to provide optimum healthcare services for all patients with chronic ailments, along with further development of the company, by proper management of its finances.

  • Mr. Rahul Kumar

    Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

    With mediEND expanding its healthcare services, Mr. Rahul Kumar emphasizes digital and innovative initiatives across the entire organisation. He believes that Strategic planning is essential to the long-term success of healthcare organisations.

Core Team

  • Saurabh Chaudhary

    Senior Technical Officer

  • Sumit Verma

    Manager - HR Compliance

  • Anjali Dahiya

    Training & Development

  • Shiva Mishra

    Officer - People Design

  • Chetan Pratap Singh

    Officer - Facility

  • Chhavi Gupta

    Executive Assistant

  • Nishant Dubey

    Officer - Marketing

  • Pinky Singh

    Social Media

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