Ear Lobe Repair: Diagnosis, Surgery, & Recovery

Earlobe repair surgery is a common cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. It is recommended for patients who have torn, split, or cleft earlobes. At MediEnd Care, we provide safe and advanced treatment for torn earlobes. Book your free consultation with the best plastic surgeons in India and undergo earlobe repair surgery cost-effectively.

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Earlobe Repair Surgery Doctors in India
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    Dr. Ritesh Bazaz

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  • What is Earlobe Repair Surgery or Lobuloplasty?

    The human ear lobule (lobulus auriculae) or earlobe is the lower portion of the outer ear. It is composed of delicate, cartilaginous tissues that lack firmness. As the earlobe doesn't contain cartilage or bones, it is vulnerable and more susceptible to injuries. And even though the earlobe doesn't have any biological function, it is considered an important aesthetic component of the face. 

    If the earlobe gets damaged, torn, pierced, or distorted, it can affect the individual's facial appearance. In such cases, the individual can opt for earlobe repair surgery or auricular lobuloplasty to restore the normal structure of the lobule. The procedure is also recommended for individuals who are born with earlobe deformity. To learn more about earlobe repair surgery, get in touch with MediEnd Care and consult our expert plastic and cosmetic surgeons. 

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    When & To Whom Earlobe Repair Surgery is Recommended?

    A doctor recommends earlobe repair surgery to a patient when he/she has been experiencing the following types of earlobe and piercing-related issues- 

    • The earlobes are stretched or gauged. 
    • The earlobes are partially or completely torn. 
    • The ear piercing has led to overstretching and tearing of the ear lobes. 
    • Aging has caused the elongation of the earlobes. 
    • A keloid scar on the earlobe due to a previous injury or piercing. 

    The doctor ensures that the patient is experiencing the following challenges before confirming he/she is an ideal candidate for the procedure- 

    • The individual feels bothered by the appearance of the torn earlobes. 
    • The ear deformity grabs unwanted attention from people. 
    • The earlobe causes distractions from other facial features. 
    • The individual doesn't feel satisfied with his/her appearance. 
    • The individual is overall healthy and doesn't smoke. 


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    Benefits of Earlobe Repair Surgery

    Earlobe repair surgery or lobuloplasty has the following benefits- 

    Why Choose MediEnd Care?

    Benefit Others MediEnd Care
    Cuts Multiple Minimal
    Blood Loss Maximum Minimal
    Scars & Stitches Yes Minimal
    Recovery Low High
    Follow Up Consultation No Yes
    Technology Traditional Advanced
    Hospital Duration Long Short
    No Cost EMI No Yes

    Earlobe Repair Surgery

    Earlobe repair surgery or auricular lobuloplasty is the procedure performed to repair a split or torn earlobe. An earlobe repair can be performed for cosmetic and/or medical reasons. The surgery restores the original shape of the split earlobe and improves its appearance. 

    Are you going through any of these symptoms

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    Diagnosis Before Earlobe Repair Surgery

    As the earlobe doesn't consist of bone or cartilage tissues, thus, extensive testing is generally not required before surgery. However, once the patient is admitted to the hospital, the surgeon is likely to order the following routine lab tests to ensure the patient is in optimal health. The tests may include the following:

    Besides these, normal tests, such as glucose level tests, potassium level tests, CBC (complete blood count) tests, and coagulation studies are done. The surgeon will take a look at the reports and determine if it is safe to proceed with the surgery. 

    Preparation Before Earlobe Surgery

    Prior to the procedure, the doctor's team will provide detailed instructions to the patient to prepare them for surgery. The common instructions will include the following- 

    The medical team will also discuss if the patient has a health insurance plan. If so, he/she will be asked to submit the respective documents to initiate the claim request. On the day of surgery, the patient is also asked to sign a consent form before proceeding. 

    What Happens During Earlobe Repair Surgery?

    The earlobe repair surgery is customized according to the patient's needs. The steps involved in the procedure are explained below- 

    The entire procedure takes around 15 to 30 minutes for both earlobes, and the patient is discharged on the same day after surgery. 

    What to Expect After Earlobe Repair?

    Immediately after the surgery, the patient is kept under observation for a couple of hours in the recovery room. After ensuring that everything is fine, the doctor gives permission to discharge. 

    The patient can expect to feel slight discomfort and itchiness in the treated area. Before discharge, the medical team gives detailed instructions to the patient regarding the recovery. 

    Side Effects of Earlobe Repair Surgery

    Lobuloplasty or ear lobule repair surgery is one of the easiest cosmetic surgery and has an almost negligible chance of complications. This can be attributed to the easy implementation of the surgical technique. Patients usually experience temporary side effects of earlobe repair surgery, such as:

    These side effects can be managed easily by the doctor. However, in certain cases, the scar may heal abnormally, and a keloid or hypertrophic scar may form, which will need further intervention. In some cases, if the patient fails to comply with the doctor's instructions and starts wearing heavy ear jewelry again, the earlobe may tear up again. 

    Results & Recovery After Ear Hole Repair

    The results of earlobe repair won't be visible immediately as there will be minor swelling and bruising around the treated area. These side effects will take a couple of weeks to dissipate. 

    The overall recovery will take place in 2-3 weeks. And the results will be clearly visible only after that. As dissolvable sutures are used to join the torn tissues, the scarring is also minimal. If the patient wishes to re-pierce the earlobe, he/she can do so after 3 months. The surgeon will also suggest that the piercing should be at least 3 mm away from the old piercing site.

    The common instructions the patient will have to follow after the surgery are given below. 

    Earlobe Repair Cost in India

    Earlobe repair surgery cost in India ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 approximately. It is only an estimated price that varies for each patient depending on the following factors- 

    Non-Surgical Earlobe Repair Options

    There are several non-surgical earlobe repair options available that can help to improve the appearance of the lobule. The methods include the following:

    *Note: Whatever happens, do not try to close the earlobe hole using glue, contrary to popular beliefs. Using glue is not a sanitary or effective method to repair a split earlobe. 

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    Does health insurance cover the cost of earlobe repair surgery?

    Yes, the expense of earlobe repair surgery is covered by health insurance when the procedure is reconstructive, not cosmetic. If the surgery is performed only for cosmetic reasons, the insurance company will deny the claim request, and the patients will have to cover the expenses personally.

    What are the risks and complications of earlobe repair surgery?

    The risks and complications associated with the earlobe repair surgery are- 

    • Keloid scars 
    • Hypo or hyper-pigmentation 
    • Suture dehiscence

    Can lobuloplasty be combined with otoplasty?

    Yes, lobuloplasty is often combined with otoplasty to deliver the best results to patients who wish to improve the ear's shape, size, and overall appearance.

    How long do the results of lobuloplasty last?

    The results of lobuloplasty are long-lasting. The earlobe will remain intact as long as it is not pierced or injured.

    How can I book an appointment with MediEnd Care doctors?

    You can book an appointment with MediEnd Care doctors by giving us a call or filling out the “Book Appointment” form. We also have a dedicated MediEnd Care application that patients can use to book an appointment with the doctors directly.

    How long does it take for the earlobes to heal after the surgery?

    Generally, it can take 1 week to 6 weeks for the earlobes to heal completely post-surgery. A patient is likely to recover sooner when the damage is minimal and the patient's healing abilities are good. At the same time, another patient with a completely torn earlobe cleft is likely to need a long time to recover completely.

    Can I get earlobe piercings after earlobe repair surgery?

    Yes, once the earlobe heals after surgery, you can get them pierced after 6 weeks. Make sure that the post-surgery scar has healed completely before you get it pierced and wear any kind of jewelry.

    Our Patient Love Us

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      Rita Pradhan


      My experience with MediEnd Care for ear lobe repair surgery exceeded my expectations. The medical team's expertise and kindness made me feel confident and comfortable. They meticulously addressed my concerns and explained the entire process. The surgery was quick and virtually painless, and the nursing staff provided excellent post-operative care. The results are outstanding, and my ear lobe looks natural and rejuvenated. MediEnd Care's dedication to patient satisfaction and their seamless services are commendable. I highly recommend MediEnd Care for anyone seeking ear lobe repair surgery.

      City : CHENNAI
    • HS

      Aarohi Patwari


      Choosing MediEnd Care for my ear lobe repair surgery was a wise decision. The medical team's professionalism and attention to detail were evident from the start. They personalized the treatment plan and ensured my comfort throughout the procedure. The surgery itself was efficient, and the nursing staff provided exceptional post-surgery care. The results of the ear lobe repair surgery are fantastic, and I couldn't be happier. MediEnd Care's commitment to patient well-being and their top-notch services make them the best choice for ear lobe repair surgery. I confidently recommend MediEnd Care to anyone seeking this procedure.

      City : LUDHIANA
    • SM

      Shreyansh Pandit


      I accidentally tore my earlobe while wearing heavy earrings, and it was so distressing. However, MediEnd Care came to the rescue! I opted for earlobe repair treatment, and the whole process was incredibly smooth. The surgeon was skillful and made me feel at ease. My earlobe looks as good as new now, and I can't thank MediEnd Care enough for their exceptional care and support

      City : BANGALORE
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